Tom Dunn ~

He made all this possible

                                                                By Henry Zecher

  Frank Sinatra had his Harry James.

  I had my Tom Dunn.

            In 1939, James ~ one of the Swing Era’s most popular bandleaders ~ hired a skinny young vocalist from Hoboken, New Jersey, to front his band.  When the singer received a better offer from Tommy Dorsey, James tore their contract up and wished him the best.  Twenty years later, that skinny young vocalist was the Chairman of the Board, and remains so to this day.  When James died in 1983, Sinatra told daughter Nancy, “He made it all possible.”

            Tom Dunn did that for me. 

            He was not only a very special man to so many people, he made one of my greatest dreams come true: the publication of my first book.  My parents, who educated me, and Tom Dunn are the reasons you are even looking at this website.

            I never met him, although I still have his always-charming correspondence ~ hand-written in a usually illegible script on post cards, sometimes a typed note, occasionally a letter on his own letterhead.  Although highly private, famous among his following for keeping “a low profile,” Tom was no recluse, and his following extended around the globe.  No man I ever heard of was loved by so many yet seen by so few.

            This reclusive and elusive lightning that so many had tried for so long to catch in a bottle was actually very active in some circles, particularly the Adirondack Mountain Club and the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference.  He had friends but, like William Gillette, he kept them few and close.  And, he had many interests.  Although described as slight of build, he was a great outdoors man, enjoying hiking, mountain climbing, hunting, cross-country skiing, and gardening.  Indoors, he enjoyed photography and reading.  Quiet, cerebral, and introspective, he nevertheless impressed all who knew him with his self-effacing, unpretentious humility, and his shyness.  He was a sweet man, a wonderful man, ultimately generous and loving.

            He grew up in the home he grew old in, at 20-37 120th Street, College Point, New York, on the northwestern corner of Long Island.  A graduate of Flushing High School, he joined the U.S. Army Reserve in 1957, attended the Army’s Engineer School in Fort Belvoir, Virginia, and reached the reached the rank of Specialist 5.  Discharge in 1964, he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in 1969 from the  the Washington Square College of Arts and Sciences at the New York University.  Then, like his father before him, he went to work for the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, where he became the human resources manager before his early retirement in 1991, at age 54.  The office was moving to New Jersey, which he didn’t want to do; but, his parents were aged and ill, and he cared for them in their declining years.   

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